Facebook will start a new advertising platform in the coming week that makes the unique user ID of the Facebook users into a kind of cookie. So Facebook can all logged in users outside of Facebook Get personalized advertising. At the beginning of the September 29, Advertising Week Facebook will introduce the network, the Wall Street Journal reports (paid products).

This Facebook responded that many users often switch between different terminals. This makes it difficult advertising providers to display relevant ads. About the Facebook ID but each user can identify more clearly. If a site Facebook Like button has engaged the, Facebook can identify all active users who access the page.

New Facebook Advertising: Still more precise user tracking
Advertising marketers learn more about them for users, about which pages they visit, what they click on and what advertisements they react. And this targeting should continue in the offline world even. When a customer enters his email address about when buying shoes in the store, Facebook can also tell the dealer whether and where that customer has seen the advertisement of the dealer on the web.

Facebook takes so after the advertising revenue, the gush endlessly about Google – about $ 13 billion revenue made ​​Google so in 2013 (cm)