Islamists from the USA and France have planned, according to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi out of Iraq attacks in their home countries. The Iraqi intelligence service had passed after the arrest of several men appropriate information, Abadi said, according to Bloomberg on Thursday in New York.

The originating from the USA and France Islamists would want to attack the subway in Paris and American cities, Abadi said. Several suspects have been arrested. Abadi called the information credible, but he still waiting for details. It is also unclear whether the danger was averted.

“Today I got here accurate reports from Baghdad that some elements were arrested and that there are networks that are out of Iraq attacks on the subways in Paris and the United States plan,” Abadi said. Probably put the terrorist militia “Islamic State” IS behind it, which has not yet shattered.

France strengthened security measures

Washington could not confirm the message. “We have no information on such a plot and want to only check once all information from our Iraqi partners, before we get to learn,” it said from the White House. “We take every threat seriously and are currently reviewing the information from our allies.”

Paris has stepped up security measures against potential Islamist terrorism one day after the beheading of a French in Algeria. The measures are intended to apply to public places and public transport in France. This announced the Elysee Palace after consultations by President Francois Hollande with his responsible ministers on the security situation with. France was prepared to assist in the rapid implementation of measures against foreign Islamist fighters all states, ask for it.

French combat aircraft flew again on Thursday air strikes against terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) in northern Iraq. “It was in the morning air strikes French aircraft given in Iraq,” government spokesman confirmed Stephane Le Foll. It was the second attack wave, since France has the US-led actions against the terrorist militia in Iraq connected. The terrorists in Algeria had threatened with beheading their hostages, Paris should continue the air strikes.

UN wants to prevent extremist departure

The UN Security Council called on the international community to prevent the departure of extremists in other countries such as Syria or Iraq. For this, the UN member states to tighten their laws. A similar resolution was adopted unanimously by the 15-member board.

On a visit to the Kurdish capital of Erbil in northern Iraq, the German Defense Minister Ursula said to a long-term cooperation von der Leyen. Kurdish President Massoud Barzani called on more and more modern weapons from the international community. Barzani said that “the quality of the weapons and the number of weapons” could still be better. He added: “It is not only our war we are fighting on behalf of all in the world against the terrorists..” “We have no one asked for ground troops to send to us,” said Barzani. But he did not mind if someone wants to send troops.

Demolished mosque

IS-fighters destroyed a Muslim shrine in northern Iraq. The Mosque Al-Arbain in Tikrit had been blown up on Wednesday, local police said on Thursday. The building housed 40 tombs of important religious figures, among them companions of the Prophet Mohammed. The Sunni extremists reject the veneration of tombs and have already destroyed several shrines in Iraq. Tikrit was the jihadists who control large parts of the north of Iraq and Syria, like during their offensive in early June in the hands. Also in the “Green Church” in Tikrit deposited the IS-fighters according inhabitants explosives.