What in the iPhone led to a sell within days, will now come for the iPad: the color gold. In terms of size is to follow the lead of the iPhone 6 the iPad.

Apple to introduce new iPads in October – and one of them will be available in the color gold, Bloomberg reported. Reminder: When the iPhone 5s in the color gold came on the market, it was sold out immediately. It is expected that Apple still imagines iPad versions in October.

Apple need to decide which function is to take over the iPad. To date, that seemed clear. The premise of Steve Jobs was to keep the smartphones small, so that there was a substantial difference to the Tablet PCs. But now the largest iPhone comes to 6.2 inches (the 5s had 4.8), whereas the iPad Mini measures 7.9 inches. A dwindling difference, so to speak.

If you look at the numbers, this impression is confirmed, because in the past two quarters, sales of iPads have declined year on year.

For this reason, it is expected that the new iPad models are larger. From 9.7 inches to 12.9 inches are.