It’s the end of a long standoff between Facebook and LGBT communities (gays, lesbians …) American. The social network had decided to suspend user accounts since his last did not use their real names, but pseudonyms. But facing the lobby associations defending these communities, and threats of protests, the king of social networks has yielded.

Facebook therefore revising its terms of use. “The spirit of our policy is that everyone can use the real name, the one he uses in real life to Sister Roma is Sister Roma, Lil Miss Hot Mess is Lil Miss Hot Mess, “said Chris Cox, Facebook product manager, referring to accounts that were drag queens hung it. And make an act of contrition from those users.


“I want to apologize to the community of drag queens and kings, transgender, and the largest group of our friends, our neighbors, and members of the LGBT community for their suffering,” he says.

If the use of these nicknames is now authorized (like Google+), to register, it will still provide his true identity. An essential to avoid false accounts or misappropriation approach.

Recall that in 2012, the German state of Schleswig-Holstein demanded that Facebook allows the use of nicknames. Its ban violates German law allowing the use of pseudonyms for online services to ensure freedom of expression.

In a statement to our colleagues at Cnet.com, Facebook responded that it complies with European laws on data protection and the injunction of Schleswig-Holstein is a “waste of money for German taxpayers and we will fight it vigorously. “Times have changed so.