The sultry singer (‘play’) and the rapper (‘Come to Me’) were in the 90s, the hip-hop couple par excellence and although their relationship only lasted a few years, they were always good friends. Today, both are among the most successful stars of the entertainment industry and appreciate exceedingly. Recently, the musicians raved about the benefits of his ex, which include her hot ass as well as her fighting spirit. Now replied J.Lo on it and praised her exes. She stressed that, due to a large part of the success she has today him. “We spent three years together, almost every single day … so much he mitfiebert with me and so proud he is of me and the time we had together, just as proud I am when I see what he has done “Jen flattered in an interview with ‘Access Hollywood’ and stated:” To see him, as he in Revolt [TV channel from Diddy is involved] and all the things he has done as a businessman and that he and his art is still as true and tries to give a boost to its nature of its community – it is the same thing that I try to do, and I feel that I learned a lot from him in the beginning, have been watching him. ”

In addition, it estimates the grace much that she and Diddy are still standing so close despite the separation. “He taught me so many things in,” said the musician. “I will make him be forever grateful and I love that he me so many years later still supported and that there is so much mutual respect, admiration and love is still there.”