The government will strengthen its support for clean vehicles, notably through a superbonus in mid-2015, and reshape the fund to support automotive suppliers created during the crisis, said Wednesday the Ministry of Economy.

Among the measures announced on the eve of the opening of the Paris Motor Show, is the creation of a super bonus for them to buy their own vehicles, during the scrappage of vehicles over 13 years, provided they reside in an urban area acting against the pollution of the atmosphere, which affect 48% of the population according to Bercy.

This superbonus, which can reach 3,700 euros for an electric vehicle, will be combined with the bonusécologique, which means that delivery may be up to 10,000 euros in total. The government, which confirms its target of 16,000 charging stations at the end of the year, also plans to add 16,000 more in four years, a project implemented by the Bolloré group.

Experienced autonomous vehicles in 2015

The first experiments of autonomous vehicles on the road in 2015 will in turn made ​​possible by the introduction of a plate “W autonomous vehicle” on the model of the “Garage W” ​​plate that is used to circulate temporarily a vehicle. To strengthen the capacity of consolidation in the sector, a working group (“Task Force”) led by the former head of Michelin, Michel Rollier, will be created to facilitate such operations.

The Modernisation Fund OEMs (FMEA), created in the heart of the crisis to support the sector, it will be transformed into “Future Automotive» fund with € 270 million of loans to be invested to promote the emergence of “new champions “of the sector, the ministry said.

This transformation will be conducted under the auspices of the Chief of Public Bpifrance bank, Nicolas Dufourcq, with the aim to review the governance of the fund, which manufacturers PSA Peugeot Citroen and Renault will remain the main investors, and open to new private investors.