“Meet the little voices in your head.” That is the promise of Vice Versa (Inside Out VO), fifteenth animation studios Pixar due out June 17th in our theaters. After following Monsters Inc. in 2013 and before that of Finding Nemo in 2016, Pixar launches into the kind of original scripts that have made ​​it successful since Toy Story in 1995, the concept? The exploration of how our emotions!

“Like all of us, Riley is guided by his emotions – joy (original voice Amy Poehler), fear (voice of Bill Hader), anger (voice of Lewis Black), disgust (voice of Mindy Kaling) and sadness (voice of Phyllis Smith), “describes the official synopsis. “These emotions live at headquarters, the control center of the spirit of Riley, and help and advise on their daily lives. While Riley and emotions struggling to get used to their new life in San Francisco, the chaos takes over the headquarters. ”

Colorful emotions

The director of Vice Versa, Pete Docter (Oscar winner for the beautiful up there), says the idea for the film came to him his daughter, Elie, who went from mischievous little girl very quiet girl. “As parents, we thought: Wow, it does not look like him so much, what’s going on in his brain?” Docter says the American magazine Entertainment Weekly. “And that’s what got us into the heart of the story, the question of what happens in our heads.”

But the little girl Vice Versa is not really the main character of the story. “It is our decor,” says the filmmaker. The real hero of this new cartoon are the emotions that take shape and color. “If joy, the dominant emotion of Riley, trying to stay positive, different emotions clash to determine the best way to cope when you find yourself suddenly in a new city, a new school and a new home . ”