Facebook operates very specific algorithms to display publications in your newsfeed. For several months, this is no longer the status of all your friends who appear but selected by Facebook based on the interactions you have with your friends (like, comment, consultations wall …) posts. This development had led to a drift pushing the social networking giant to apologize but he did not stop on the first attempt.

There is a precedent to this story. Facebook had previously been made ​​by hand in the bag, the firm was guilty of having tested the news feeds of 680,000 members without any authorization. The project was to observe the effects of a social news network on morale. Researchers have collected valuable data related to the reception of sad or happy publications. The method has been criticized logically. Once the study is published, the case had forced Facebook to apologize. Which is reminiscent of the controversy concerning the time pseudonyms drag queens.

Three months after this experience, Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s technical director gives his vision on the official blog of the blue company. According to him, by publishing the study, the initiators of the research lacked foresight in not simply explaining the objectives and methodology adapted. The backlash was all the more violent.

Still, Facebook confirmed and signed. Scientific studies continue on users. The ticket says the official blog just the rules adopted in order to obtain sufficiently workable and relevant results. One of the resolutions is in the posting of a specific website which will identify all the research on the great social network.

There will be no obligation against by Facebook to prevent a user who would be subject to a scientific test via their profile. And here lies the whole moral issue that the blue giant unresponsive. In many areas of science, guinea pig has an obligation to be informed about the procedure and possible dangers. A basic principle that Facebook seems to finally be free. Maybe it’s time to look at an alternative like Ello whose slogan respect for privacy.