Beijing. China Dongfeng upgraded version of its next-generation intercontinental ballistic missile test. 10 thousand km range in the range of China with the Misalil America and Europe has come almost full.

According to media reports this test to be held on October 1 National Day was before. The day China is demonstrating its nuclear capabilities. People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on September 25 with a range of ten thousand kilometers Vujai missile Dongfeng -31 B Test Missile and Space Test Center tested. Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post quoted U.S. media said in its report that the missile can target several cities in Europe, including the United States.

Shu Guangu retired PLA major general said China wants to increase its military and nuclear power. He is not targeting the United States or other countries. Military bases in the Asia Pacific region in view of the US-led military weapons to China and will continue to test.