Scientists have traced the origin of the AIDS epidemic and being told that it originated in the city of Kinshasa, which is now known as the Republic of Congo.

30 years after the emergence of the disease has come to know its origin.The report is published in the journal Science, scientists analyzed samples of the virus’s genetic code. Showed evidence of having its origin in Kinshasa.

According to the report, rising prostitution, infected needles used in nursing homes population and probably led to the outbreak of the virus.

HIV in the eyes of the world came in the 1980s and about seven and a half million people are living with HIV.Scientists say the rapid spread of AIDS through unsafe sex.

Belgian research teams of the University of Oxford and the HIV Luven ‘Family Tree’ attempts to restructure.Variations Cinpajhi HIV virus, according to scientists, it is also known by the name of simian virus. Kinshasa Bushmit the supermarket and possibly reached humans from contact with infected blood.
Viruses spread in many ways. These viruses Chimpanzee, gorillas, monkeys and humans have in their effect.
For instance, Sbgrup O HIV-1 infected millions of people in Cameroon.

Sbgrup M HIV-1 spread in every part of the world, millions of people took their grip.

Prostitution and infected needles

Why, the answer would have to go back decades to find.
By the 1920s and until 1966 it was part of the Belgian Congo Kinshasa was called Liopoldvile.

Oliver Paibs Oxford University professor, told the BBC, “This area was huge and it was rapidly expanding. Colonial medical records show that was different sexually transmitted diseases spread very quickly.”

Men came in large numbers in the city of Kinshasa sex ratio has worsened two men per woman. The result Vashyavriti spread rapidly.

These two strains are almost the same rapidly expanding. Health camps are used indiscriminately infected needles put the same virus wing values

Another major cause of the spread of HIV Paibs professor and he admits the rail network. By the end of 1940, almost 10 million people used to visit Kinshasa rail network.