The inert grenade Was found in PM Modi's alternative aircraft


PM Narendra Modi placed in the standby Difused mode in Air India flight got grenades.Confirmation of grenades erupted from the Indian security agencies. As you may know, during the visit of Modi aircraft or other alternative wasput on standby mode.

Could have a major accident

The Boeing -746 aircraft stood at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Modi move to the United States in the event of breakdown in the plane of the aircraft had to be brought into use. According to information from sources, Modi Thursday night arrival in India as well as the airplane was again put into commercial operation. The aircraft on the Delhi-Mumbai-Hyderabad-Jeddah flight was sent. When it arrived in Jeddah on Saturday morning when the security personnel in the business class got an inert grenade. PM to meet Alternatively, provided the aircraft bomb was shocked by the security agencies. The aircraft is currently in Jeddah and Calicut to come according to your predetermined schedule.

Security agencies investigation unfolds

According to sources, Jeddah airport security check of the aircraft is allowed to fly it. But now the Indian security agencies are also looking into the matter and were trying to figure out where that came grenade at the ship. Air India’s security agencies team and continued all night trying to find a solution to this question. He said that if the plane guarding India’s security or intelligence agencies to investigate the vigilance of our team, so be it. It’s not really a serious issue in terms of security.