American health officials said Thursday that ten people had a “high risk” have been contaminated by man who contracted Ebola virus identified in Liberia and later in the United States earlier this week. At total , 50 people remained under surveillance Friday at Texas, the hundred localized originally to have been able to have contact with Thomas Eric Duncan .

He arrived without symptoms in Dallas on Sept. 20 from Liberia, the largest outbreak of the epidemic in West Africa and with which the United States does not intend at this time to ban driving. “Most of these individuals are low risk. There are a dozen people who are at high risk, so we are watching very closely, “said the chief of Health of Texas, Dr. David Lakey. These people are at high risk belong to health services and also those coming into contact with Mr. Duncan from the time he began to develop the symptoms of hemorrhagic fever September 24 and hospitalization in quarantine on the 28th Its contamination was confirmed on September 30.

Ebola Symptoms include fever, words of head , vomiting and diarrhea. The incubation period ranges from two to 21 days and a person with the virus is not contagious as it has no symptoms. Haemorrhagic fever is only transmitted through direct contact with body fluids. ‘s the worst since the identification of the virus Ebola outbreak in 1976, has made ​​more than 3,300 dead, a little over 7,100 registered cases. Five countries are affected: Liberia, the most affected, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and Senegal.

The spokesman of the White House Josh Earnest assured that “there are no plans to impose a travel ban at this stage.” “A very sophisticated, multi-level, is in place to ensure that passengers are safe” from the starting point in West Africa. Moreover, four members of the family of Mr. Duncan Ban absolutely out of their apartment until 19 October, also legal impossibility to receive visitors. Police officers stand guard. Decontamination specialists spoke Friday in the apartment to retrieve the machine used by Mr. Duncan when he developed the disease, according to photos published on the Internet by the city of Dallas.

A man returning from Nigeria hospitalized in Washington in same time, fears of a possible spread of Ebola in the United States swelled after the announcement Friday of hospitalization in the federal capital Washington of a patient with symptoms similar to those of Ebola and recently traveled to Nigeria . “With extreme caution, we have activated the proper protocols for disease control, including patient isolation,” said Kerry-Ann Hamilton, spokesman Howard University which is attached hospital.

Moreover, the NBC News announced Thursday that an American 33 years, Ashoka Mukpo hired as a freelance cameraman in Liberia, had been infected with the Ebola virus and would soon be repatriated to the United States. Overall, for a little more one month, the State Department has facilitated the repatriation of five Americans affected by Ebola in West Africa for treatment in the United States, the NBC cameraman, said spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki.