Apple and Google are already interested, Facebook should in turn address the health. The social network studied several tracks, “including the creation of communities of people with the same disease and applications of ‘preventive care’ to help users improve their lifestyle, “writes Reuters.

Project “initial stage”

The project is still in the “initial stage of data collection.” Facebook has, however, already met with medical experts and entrepreneurs, according to Reuters sources, to help users improve their lifestyle. “A unit of research and development will also be responsible for testing of health-related applications,” writes Reuters.


In 2012, Facebook had offered his “friends” to say online on the network, on their profile, if they were willing to donate organs. The initiative was very well attended, motivating the social network to start this type of operation. Founded in 2005 in the United States, the website Patients Like Me , which allows patients to share their experience of illness, meets a huge success so far with more than 250,000 enrolled.

The social network could learn from its operations to boost its business but will consider a problem: the confidentiality of certain data, a sensitive issue that has already garnered much criticism.