Mexican police announced Saturday the discovery of an unspecified number of bodies in a mass grave near Iguala, south of Mexico City, where forty students are gone for a week number.

A still unspecified number of bodies were found Saturday in a common clandestine grave near the Mexican city of Iguala where 43 students had gone there eight days after attacks by shooting local police and armed groups, according to a source Police on site.

“We combed the area, and we managed to find human remains in performing excavation”, told AFP by telephone a police officer in the State of Guerrero, on the premises.

Anonymous tip

“It is difficult to ensure that they are missing because students must make that expertise and find common ground with people wanted,” said the policeman.

Moreover, an official from the regional police said the discovery of the pit near Iguala, 200 km south of Mexico City, was made possible by an anonymous tip.