India’s largest online e-retail giant Flipkart‘s new record earnings on Monday. The website gets a billion hits, while there were record sales of Rs 615 crore.Within a few hours of relaxation begin to offer the masses due to open by the website, the website was crashed during the afternoon. Then the complaints started coming against the company on social media.

A company spokesman said: “An internal server was causing the problem, which caused the increase in traffic for some time had been struggling to get the order online. This problem has been overcome and the capacity has been increased traffic to the website can be opened now. ”

Monday October six counts of the day special for the company. From 6-10 October six 610 is concerned. Indeed, the number of houses in 2007, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, Flipkart co-founder of the country, launched the first e-commerce company. Bansal Brothers said in a statement, “It is a phenomenal day. It is the biggest selling of all time in our country. The feedback we get from customers from 8 am excited.

The company’s major newspapers were advertising discounts. Jostled to buy the goods at the customer site. The company said, “We have made history in the Indian e-commerce sector.”