Indeed, India’s Mars mission Mangalyaan success on ‘The New York Times printed the cartoon, the Western countries have sat and wrote scientific’ elite space club “, has outlined a farmer nearby who took the bull Tue Planet is knocking at his door. This cartoon The New York Times was created by cartoonist Heng Kim Song.

Moreover, the New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rojenthol wrote in his explanation that many of our readers on this cartoon has sent their complaints. The cartoonist Heng objectives through Tue planet to tell the rich and developed countries have access to not only the developing countries but now are reaching Tue.

Editorial page editor wrote, “Heng from Singapore who works often similar international affairs through his cartoons have been presented through pictures and words. The cartoon is aggravated by the feelings of the readers and apologize to them. ”

Editor Andrew Rojenthol wrote, “Hang in any way inferior to the citizens of India and the Government of India did not want. We are delighted that readers respond to your point and laid open before us. ”

The world, the United States, Russia and the European Union are also shocked as they found it after several attempts, while India’s success in the first attempt was successful. That developed countries is not easily digested.