Facebook has completed the acquisition of the instant messaging service WhatsApp. This is from a Monday by the Securities and Exchange Commission Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published stock market message out. It confirmed that WhatsApp will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary Facebook. In addition, WhatsApp-founder and CEO Jan Koum receives a seat on the board of the Social Network.

On 19 February, Facebook announced the acquisition of WhatsApp for $ 19 billion announced in cash and stock. It is the largest acquisition of the social network and every other technology company in the recent past. As an admission of regulators Facebook assured the independence of WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the Federal Trade Commission expressed concerns about privacy.

Although the U.S. Federal Trade Commission approved the deal – as least, the European Commission – they called Facebook and WhatsApp on, however, hold on to What Apps privacy policy and continue to waive the collection of sites, e-mail addresses and other data, and the phone numbers of users not to disclose to third parties. Despite the promises of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Koum not to change What apps privacy policy, the FCC announced that it would keep both companies in mind.

“Several hundred million users have entrusted their personal data WhatsApp,” wrote Jessica Rich, director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, in April in an open letter to Facebook and WhatsApp. “The FTC staff, the business practices of both companies continue to monitor that keep Facebook and WhatsApp on their promise to make sure.”

The European Commission blessed the transaction in the past week from without conditions . She put claims to determine any disadvantages for consumers who have a wide range of alternative communication applications even after the merger. The strong dominance of both provider is not a problem for the EU. The market for messaging apps is characterized by short innovation cycles and changing market positions. In addition, the switch from one application to another is very easy.

However, the EU Commission has examined only the market for smartphone apps, because WhatsApp not available for other devices. As a competitor it provides, among other products such as Line, Viber, Telegram, WeChat and Google to Hangouts. Another provider is on Friday MessageMe purchased by Yahoo . The Internet company is supposed to also negotiate with Snapchat on participation.