The online service Twitter is suing the U.S. government because of the secrecy of the intelligence data queries. The conditions imposed by the government would violate the right of the company to free speech, Twitter said on Tuesday.

Vice-CEO Benjamin Lee wrote in a blog post, Twitter’ve Had tried unsuccessfully for more transparency in the disclosure of data monitoring. “We Should be free to do so in a significant way instead of in inaccurate clamping widths this,” urged Lee .

The US-NSA taps on a large scale user data from Internet companies: such as Twitter, Which Came only through revelations of the former intelligence employee Edward Snowden to light and Caused outrage around the world. The company emphasize, to have been judicially committed to cooperate with the secret services. To regain the trust of Their users, They Want to make the hitherto published only in bundles of Thousands of data requests as specific as Possible public. Is responsible for the existing installations into compliance, U.S. Department of Justice.

“We tried, the degree of transparency did our users deserve without reaching litigation, but Had no success,” Lee wrote. The Justice Department blocking for months to publish a transparency report on Twitter with “specific” information to data queries. THEREFORE, the Had company filed suit in federal court in California.

The U.S. Justice Department DECLINED to comment on the lawsuit and referred by to a beginning of the year closed with the big US-compromise Internet companies, Which Governs the release of data queries to the Police Authorities and secret services. The civil rights organization American Civil Liberties Union on the other hand welcomed the approach of Twitter. The company doing “the right thing by this tangled web of secrecy rules and muzzles contesting,” Said ACLU lawyer Jameel Jaffer- . “We hope did other technology companies now follow Twitter”