The US military dropped Sunday for the first time weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to the Kurds of Syria , besieged in the city of Kobane , near the Turkish border. Three C-130 cargo planes have made ​​several drops of material provided by the Kurdish authorities’ of Iraq to enable the besieged to resist the offensive of jihadists Daech against the city, reported the US command center for the Middle East and Central Asia (Centcom), which stated that the aircraft encountered no resistance. This issue was confirmed Monday morning by a spokesman Kurdish fighters, who assured that these weapons “will greatly” and will have “a positive effect” in their fight against Daech.
The Turkish authorities had they been informed of this American intervention? President Barack Obama spoke to Turkish president on Saturday to inform him of the intention of the Americans to launch this operation and emphasize “the importance it has for them,” said an official of the administration in Washington. Daech is a “common enemy” for the United States and Turkey , said the official, who said that Washington understands the concerns of the Turkish authorities on the various groups, including the Kurds. But for Washington, the drops are the best way to send supplies and “an opportunity to strike a blow against Daech,” said he further emphasized.

Eleven strikes carried out on Kobane this weekend

The United States and its Western allies are urging Turkey to participate more directly in the fight against jihadist Kobane, but Ankara is reluctant to arm the Kurds and to intervene militarily against Daech. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , who has pledged to step up the fight against the terrorist organization, and Sunday rejected the calls for his country to provide arms to Kurdish fighters in Syria. He accuses the main Kurdish party in Syria, the PYD of being a “terrorist organization” linked to PKK Turkish, which leads past thirty years an uprising to demand autonomy in southeast Turkey.

According to the US command center for the Middle East and Central Asia, eleven coalition strikes were also carried out Kobane Saturday and Sunday. Objective: to assist Kurdish fighters to push retry Daech cut their supply lines from Turkey. And the US military, these strikes have slowed the progress of jihadists between Saturday and Sunday morning. 31 Islamists also died in the battle, according to the NGO Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.