The iCloud storage service of Apple’s data, China has suffered a cyber attack that the government could be related, reported Tuesday the Chinese site .

Hackers have interposed their website between users and the iCloud server, intercepting data to potentially access passwords, iMessages, photos and contacts, written in a blog. , which monitors Internet censorship in China, noted that the attack reminiscent of piracy suffered by Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Hotmail, implying that the government could be involved.

Contacted by Reuters , two independent computer security experts have found the information credible.

“All I could see in this direction” , said Mikko Hypponnen, director of research at F-Secure. “The Chinese government is going directly to Chinese users of Apple products.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry declined to comment.

The cyber attack comes just weeks after the announcement by Apple that Chinese customers can store data on iCloud servers from China Telecom. It also coincides with the commercial launch of the iPhone 6 in China, which began on Friday after weeks of difficult negotiations with the government.

It was not clear if the attack perdurait. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesman for China Telecom denied any involvement in the Chinese operator. “These accusations are false and baseless,” he has said.

Apple had motivated his choice of China Telecom by the desire to provide faster services to its customers in China and the US group was then vigorously rejected the idea that this could jeopardize the user data.

The United States and major Western groups have accused China of being behind cyber attacks on websites of businesses or governments but Beijing has always denied the charges.