Why Yahoo! he Tumblr bought $ 1.1 billion last year? According to several sources, the US company led by Marissa Meyer is working to transform Tumblr exclusive distributor of video and just walk on the turf of YouTube. The idea is to convince Tumblr “youtubeurs” stars to post their videos on Tumblr.

But this plan would lead in the wing. “Nobody will take it seriously,” a source told wishing to remain anonymous to Business Insider , which is echoed in a paper published Friday, October 17th. The reason: Yahoo! would refuse to pay substantial cash advances it intends to attract artists on Tumblr.

This source claims that the original Yahoo! plans to pay large sums of money to some big stars of YouTube to motivate them to post their videos on Tumblr rather than YouTube. It was indeed their promise higher advertising revenue.

To date, Tumblr hosts more than 207 million blogs.