Indian Railway¬†has¬†introduced a new system for railway passengers. Confirm your reservation and for any reason to miss your train, you can get back to you full money for the tickets. Now you do not have to worry about money cuts. Reservation will only charge you the same. The passenger train tickets canceled within two hours of release can take full refunds. This feature will be implemented in a few days. In the first situation back’d get half fare ticket to parry.

Have to do it:

Passenger train to leave the station manager’s position would be to go and get the ticket canceled. Tickets may cancel the Station Manager of the station was to begin your journey. Passenger tickets available there deposit Riseept (TDR) must submit. The form must specify the reason to cancel my ticket. Officer Manager will act on false information. Then the traveler will go to the reservation office where passengers will get full money back. Within a week, 10 per cent of the ticket fare to get back to back arrangement will remain the same as before.