Gujarat government website hacked by Pakistan


The five websites hacked by Pakistani hackers, two of them were the Gujarat government. One Commissionerate of Higher Education’s website Ahmedabad and other agricultural production committee website (APMC) –

Among the other websites were hacked, and are Pakistani hackers list of these websites released on his Facebook page. After hack websites by hackers, its logo and certain things were written on home pages, which was said Pakistan has been hacked by hackers, cyber mafia ‘,’ Feel the power of Pakistan ‘,’ PK-robot was here ‘ and “Pakistan Zindabad”.

Hacked a website wrote against Prime Minister Narendra Modi  vulgar things. After the discovery of hacking websites with the Government of Gujarat APMC officials swung into action and rude things written on them deleted immediately. Ahmedabad APMC officials said Ketan Patel, the website is under maintenance and is currently placed it offline. Patel said that as soon as we got the information of the website being hacked, we closed it for maintenance. We have deleted the content inserted by hackers. We look forward to meeting FIR on Monday. Meanwhile, the hacking of information from their website immediately after the Gujarat government also removed all objectionable material.