Minister Narendra Modi its 10-day foreign tour from Brisbane to Sydney this morning reached the next stop. Modi is scheduled to meet with the famous cartoonist Ramesh Chandra. Ramesh Chandra has praised Modi met before. He is lucky to Modi as PM of India. ” Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi reached Alfons Arena. Selfi with them and people flocked to the autograph. Modi tweeted saying that I have reached Alfons Arena.


Modi will address the Indians in Sydney. The program, according to the time around noon to 1 pm Alphonse Arena. Modi’s speech Alphonse Arena in Olympic Park to hear about 16 thousand people have been arranged for the school children in particular, “Namo Namo ‘song is ready. Also from Melbourne to Sydney Modi Express special train has also been undertaken, including Gujarati food served to passengers.


G20 meeting in Brisbane to attend the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday night in Sydney, Canberra and then Sydney are leaving. Sydney with their address preparations are in full swing. Alphonse Intjat Arena is a large number of people living large screen placed where people can listen to Modi PM. The school children are also geared towards music, the most interesting of 4 Bogion Modi express special train. Special train from Melbourne to Sydney fired the entire people of Indian origin have booked. To listen to the speech of Prime Minister Modi Express 250 people have arrived in Sydney. Modi has been colored in tricolor Express train journey of 800 km.

Modi obsession
is the first time in Australia’s history that the train has been made ​​extra bogie. Modi Express is excellent arrangements by the organizers. Gujarati dishes are passengers on the way. Modi will arrive in Sydney on 7 hour whirlwind tour. Sydney to Brisbane before Modi has seen incinerate. Roma Street crowd gathered to get a glimpse of the prime minister and the unveiling of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Roma Street Parklane Modi-Modi slogans that describe the same passion.

The new definition of Gandhi
In Brisbane Modi redefined to Gandhi . He added to global warming and that Mahatma Gandhi’s message would love to nature. PM Brisbane attacked by his critics. He said he has already become CM are implemented on the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. Earlier, Prime Minister Modi in Brisbane Town Hall was the red carpet. Premier of Queensland and Brisbane ceremony hosted by the mayor of the town hall after the speech, Modi joined hands with warm people.