Development of Google Glass stagnant


A year ago, Google Glass went through all the media, but now it has become a bit quiet around the project – and many developers turn the minicomputer even been back to her.

Google Glass is already available for some time – but only in the US and at a price of $ 1,500 proud. The correspondingly small number of users is naturally produce no good argument for developers, software for the platform – especially as the date for a wide launch is still pending.

Nine of the sixteen surveyed by Reuters developers said that they have already set the trend for Google Glass due to the low numbers of users or due to hardware limitations, three more have turned to commercial projects.

Google seems to have lost interest in Glass at least in part: In the last six months, several left with Google Glass entrusted employee Internet Group. So moved Babak Parviz about – co-inventor of spectacles – to Amazon. A little ray of light remains, however: Professional users such as hospitals benefit from massive discounts and use the product already.