With a loss is expected to: a bitter verdict, the rating agency S & P on the bonds of short message service Twitter – and places them in the junk category. The problem is the aggressive strategy of the company, so the comment.

The rating agency Standard & Poor’s, the bonds of the short message service classified on the credit rating of “BB-“. Thus, the credit lies in the so-called junk range, with the rating companies identify speculative investments. For indexing: Only a few levels below begins with a score of CCC + the area where anything but a failure would be a surprise – there were at the height of the financial crisis about Greek government bonds.

The Twitter share fell after the verdict by nearly six percent. However, the outlook for the ratings is stable, so that initially threaten no degrees. S & P analyst Andy Liu warned, Twitter invest “very aggressive” in growth. Until the company could lift its debt service to income from operations, but it would still take until 2016.

Twitter had launched its first bonds in September and thus collected $ 1.8 billion from investors. While the demand for fixed-income securities was high, the shares of Twitter have fallen by nearly 40 percent since the beginning.

The short message service had the stock market in late October also disappointed with another quarterly loss. In the third quarter, a decrease of $ 175.5 million went on. The growth of the number of users at the same time but remained subdued. The number of active users increased within three months by 13 million to 284 million a month. The management now promised several new features to improve the service.