Nissan will help NASA to roll easily on Mars

The automaker and the US space agency have signed a five-year agreement for research and development of advanced technologies.

he feet on the ground, but the head a little in the stars, Carlos Ghosn , CEO of Renault-Nissan Alliance has signed an agreement with NASA five years for research and development of advanced technologies. Nissan aims? Market an autonomous electric car series, worthy of a book of science fiction of the twentieth century, technically developed with the US space agency. “A specialist in space transportation and ground transportation specialist are connected by similar challenges”, said Carlos Ghosn.
First marketed between 2016 and 2020

In this association, Nissan will benefit from the contribution of NASA for ground cover. The partnership will accelerate the development of safety and reliability of autonomous driving, or the man-machine interface … A futurist futuristic imagine waterwheels of delivery vehicles or autonomous and electric passenger replacing polluting machines. The first prototype will be made ​​on the basis of a Nissan Leaf (electric car the most sold in the United States). This autonomous Leaf roll at the end of the year in the center of the Japanese group in Silicon Valley. The first will be marketed between 2016 and 2020.
While driving, even in the outer solar system

The spatial component of this partnership will allow NASA to have, thanks to Nissan, sophisticated avoidance techniques and access to systems and test benches for robotic software. In fact, Nissan will teach Rovers NASA to drive well, even to the outer solar system.