Facebook activity generated in 2014 the creation of 78,000 indirect jobs in France in the areas of software, applications or marketing, according to an estimate of the consulting firm Deloitte released Tuesday. “Around the social network, an ecosystem comprised of large and small companies, innovative start-ups, publishers, developers or media agencies continues to develop and use Facebook as a business tool, marketing and economic development, “says a Facebook statement, which commissioned the study.

Globally, the social network has created 4.5 million indirect jobs, and “over 227 billion dollars in value, excluding income from the company itself,” according to the Deloitte study indicating to rely on a “estimate of the overall economic impact” of Facebook. The first country to benefit are the United States, followed by the European Union where the group’s activities generated $ 51 billion of economic activity and the creation of 783,000 jobs. France is the fourth country to benefit from this economic impact, after the United Kingdom and Brazil.

In France, where Facebook has 28 million subscribers, 78,000 indirect jobs have been created, including 36,000 with the “marketing” impact of social networking, 27,000 in the sector of the economy of mobile applications, and 16,000 “created through the contribution of the Facebook application for connected devices “.The previous Deloitte report on the activities of Facebook had reported 22,000 indirect jobs generated in France in the year 2011.” Facebook marketing tools allow businesses to better reach and better monetize their business targets, “said Laurent Solly, CEO of Facebook France, in an interview with Le Figaro. “We allow them to develop their business and hire.”

For Facebook, this type of study is a good way to improve its image, tarnished repeatedly by tax optimization suspicions in Europe. Other giants of American Web employ this strategy. Apple has already published similar studies, where he claimed to have helped create or maintain 629,000 direct and indirect jobs in Europe . Google, meanwhile, is used to finance studies on the positive impact of digital. The indirect job creation is nevertheless still difficult to assess. An economist from the University of Berkeley, quoted by American radio NPR had estimated that the impact of Apple in the US was about a third less than advanced.