According to “The Information” and “The Wall Street Journal” , Google is about to invest $ 1 billion in SpaceX. This contribution would value the spatial operator, launched by Elon Musk , to more than $ 10 billion, according to sources cited by the two US media.

This operation by Google is not intended to support SpaceX for the conquest of Mars, one of the targets set by Elon Musk. For the search engine, it is primarily a foothold in an operator able to support him in his ambition to build global capacity for mass Internet access.

To do this, Google already has the program “Project Loon” to create such a network with a fleet of balloons relay placed in the upper atmosphere. A program which, incidentally, works including CNES .

A program that Google may wish to reinforce with a mesh located satellites in low orbit, like the “WorldVu” project. This project of the company O3b Networks, founded by Greg Wyler (formerly of Google) and already supported by Google and Richard Branson funds, provides a constellation of 648 satellites. Elon Musk is also working on this project since last November .

Providing $ 1 billion to SpaceX, whose capital needs are important to fund its family of launchers , Google would secure and privileged access to a spatial operator. One way for the engine to become a global digital player a little more – again – a must, making Internet access in even the poorest and most remote areas of the planet .