Since 2006, when Pluto was downgraded to “dwarf planet” in view of its small size, the solar system has only eight planets. However, for several decades, a debate continues to stir scientists around the world are there are other planets beyond Pluto? British and Spanish researchers may have lifted the veil on this mystery. According to their study, published by the newspaper Monthly notices of the Royal astronomical society letters , there would be two unknown planets in the solar system, hidden behind Neptune and Pluto. A deduction based on the study of the orbital behavior of a dozen trans-Neptunian objects extremes.

“Unexpected orbital parameters”

The results obtained in this study revealed that the observed objects all had ” unexpected orbital parameters “that” suggest that unseen forces affect their orbital distribution , “said astrophysicist Carlos de la Fuente Marcos to the agency Spanish scientific information Sinc. The only plausible explanation for this unexpected trajectory would influence ” other unknown planets “that would exist” beyond Neptune and Pluto , “said the researcher. If for the moment the exact number is unknown because of ” limited evidence “astronomers team suggests” that there are at least two planets, and probably more, on the borders of our solar system . ”

This theory is, however, contradicts what has been commonly accepted on the composition of the solar system. If the calculations are currently based on a small number of objects, the scientists said that other results will be published shortly to confirm or not their theory.