The jihadists Tuesday launched an ultimatum to Tokyo if the government does not pay a ransom of $ 200 million within 72 hours, their two compatriots will run.

To date, Tokyo had been relatively spared. The Islamic state has threatened to run two Japanese nationals if their government did not pay a ransom of $ 200 million. This threat was made ​​via a video which authentication is in progress. According to the same setting sordid scene, the two hostages appear in knelt image and coated with an orange jumpsuit. “You have 72 hours to lobby your government to take a wise decision and pays $ 200 million for your lives spared,” says a jihadist dressed all in black with a knife in hand, addressing presumably Japanese public opinion.
The two hostages are called Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto Jogo. The first had come to Syria to fight in the ranks of the Free Syrian Army. His profession is not known. The 42-year-old was captured by Daech last summer and it was soon after appeared in a previous video of the group. He was then brutally interrogated by his captors. Kenji Goto Jogo himself is a freelance journalist. It launched in 1996 Independent Press video production company based in Tokyo. It provides videos and documentaries on the Middle East for Japanese TV channels, including NHK public broadcaster. The amount required is not without chance. The $ 200 million intended to compensate, the author of the video, using non-military promised by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to countries affected by the offensive of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Faced with the threat, Tokyo is inflexible. “The position of our country to fight terrorism without bending remains unchanged,” said the spokesman of the government. This video is published on the day that Abe is visiting Jerusalem. It must then meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, West Bank, the last stage of a tour that took him to Egypt, Jordan and Israel. Japanese Prime Minister recently promised a non-military aid package of $ 2.5 billion in the Middle East, which will aim to provide “humanitarian assistance and infrastructure development.” Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yasuhide Nakayama, must be sent to Jordan to monitor the file locally. Japan has kept out of the international coalition created by the United States to contain the advance of the jihadist Islamic state in Syria and Iraq.