Play VideoWith the latest WhatsAppMD Android version, you can download the latest WhatsApp client-lock handle comfortably. Although the update on WhatsAppMD 3.0 does not solve any existing 24-hour lock the app, but prevents future WhatsApp locks. With WhatsAppMD Joaquin CuitiƱo has developed a modified messenger app that you already use the new material WhatsApp for Android style. How exactly this works we show you here.

WhatsAppMD brings material design in WhatsApp for Android
With the release of Android 5.0 Google’s new material design may already be present on the first smartphones, WhatsApp users, however, still waiting in vain for the new paint. WhatsAppMD now offers the solution: With the free Android APK that is based on the official WhatsApp iteration, you get the material design in your Messenger.

Use WhatsAppMD on Android – how it works
To WhatsAppMD to use, you should already have an account WhatsApp. In our tests, there was the easiest option to delete the official WhatsApp app and then install the APK WhatsAppMD. The new version automatically enters previous chats and contacts.

WhatsApp in the material design with new buttons and Emojis
In addition to the new, flatter appearance has WhatsAppMD about new action buttons in the lower right margin. This starts either new chats, broadcasts or a new group. WhatsAppMD can be accessed in two different Emoji variants. With our Free Trial you get WhatsAppMD with the new Google smileys.

WhatsApp im Lollipop-Look gratis via WhatsAppMD-App
Since WhatsAppMD can not be installed through the official Play Store, the app has its own updater that WhatsApp in the material design to date holds. The main innovations of the new Android WhatsApp lollipop look, see our photo gallery of WhatsApp in material design .