The OS of reconciliation. After some love received by Windows 8, Microsoft skips a version unveiled its comprehensive strategy for Windows 10, Wednesday. If its augmented reality glasses made ​​the buzz, the company could be successful comeback with a finally unified Windows 10. Explanation ten-point, waiting for the official release, probably towards the end of 2015.
1. A free update for Windows 7 / 8.1
as Mac OS, Windows becomes a free upgrade … Provided to upgrade from a PC running Windows 7 or 8.1. Users of Windows XP, you can officially cry.
2.A new PC version next week
This is always a “technical preview” version and a beta yet. It is always to install your own risk, but so far, Windows 10 is ultra-stable. The next batch will be available in 25 languages.
3.Preview version smartphone in February
It is very similar to Windows Phone 8. The biggest aesthetic change: the colored squares can become transparent to reveal the wallpaper in the background.
4.L’assistante Cortana soon on PC
Halfway between Siri and Google Now, this particular secretary existed only on smartphone. Microsoft introduced the PC version, fully integrated with Windows 10. To research, particularly, or dictate an email. However, it will wait a bit: Cortana (the name comes from the game Halo ) will not in the version of next week, but should land in five months.
5. A single Windows … almost
Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8 … The great confusion, it’s over. PC, tablet, smartphone: all products go to Windows 10. But in practice, there are still two different versions: one for PC and “large” tablets (more than 8 inches) and one for phones “small” tablets, which rotate with another type of processor.
6.A OS under the sign of “continuity”
Instead of trying to get two worlds at the same time, Windows 10 adapts the interface as needed. The keyboard of the tablet Surface Pro 3 is connected? Windows is in operating mode “PC”, with windows. No keyboard mode “tablet” automatically switch to full screen. All duplicates (menus, settings, software) are also removed.
7.Des apps “universal”
Outlook, Calendar, Microsoft … Photo unifies its main apps. The interface can, however, adjust to the size of the screen. For developers, there will always encode different versions between the smartphone and the PC, but the shared core makes it easy.
8.Project Spartan, the next browser
For now, he does not call Internet Explorer. The most exciting new feature is the ability to annotate a Web page directly, keyboard, pen or by hand, and then save it or share it with colleagues by email.
9.The PC gamers and Xbox One can play all
Xbox Live integrates with Windows, and it will be possible for PC and Xbox One players to participate in the same game in co-op or versus. Finally, the Xbox One can “stream” a game to PCs and tablets of the house (under Network wifi only), playing in bed
10. Windows Holographic the future
to accompany his glasses HoloLens , Microsoft develops “Windows Hologaphic” mode with 3D menus superimposed on the external environment. The most beautiful: you can interact directly with your fingers through the integration of cameras, like Tony Stark in Iron Man .