Whatsapp yesterday launched the web version of the mail service. However, it is currently limited to the Google Chrome browser.

We announced in December, Whatsapp had indeed provided a web version of the application Messaging . So far the computers were the only terminals can install the famous application with 700 million active users each month. Jan Koum and his team have now remedied. By cons, the result is not as satisfactory.

To access the web version, you must go to the address web.whatsapp.com. This is the address that was communicated in December. Unfortunately, this service is only compatible with the Google Chrome browser. In addition, we must be sure to have the latest version of the application on their smartphone.

The interface is simple, it provides access to basic information, such as contact information of the user. It is still possible to send photos, videos or record audio messages, provided that Chrome can detect a microphone connected to the computer.

Be aware that this version is only an extension of the courier. The identification on Whatsapp is available only through the user telephone number. Mail does not use any password. To make the connection between the web version and Whatsapp account, it will go through a QR code generated by the web.whatsapp.com site.

This connection system requires that the associated smartphone to the user’s account is permanently connected. Be aware that the synchronization is effective when the smartphone is not connected to the internet for example.

Another bad news, the Web service is not compatible with iOS date. These problems are due to the restrictions of Apple’s operating system. Whatsapp users on Android, BlackBerry, S60 (Nokia) or Windows Phone guests are continuing to discuss from their computer.

Furthermore, Whatsapp does not propose a new specifically dedicated to Windows application, but an extension of the already existing application on smartphones.