Pakistan found itself plunged into darkness in the night from Saturday to Sunday because of damage to a high voltage line charged by the authorities to a rebel attack. The power cut, one of the worst such incidents occurred in Pakistan, without power about 80% of the territory, including Islamabad, according to official sources. The power supply was restored on Sunday in most of the country, said a spokesman for the national electricity company, adding that the situation would again become completely normal within hours.

The break occurred after midnight when a high-voltage line connecting a private power generation plant to the national grid was damaged in the district of Naseerabad in the province of Baluchistan (south-west). The Minister of State for Water and electricity Abid Sher Ali apologized to the people and accused the rebels have blown up the power line to the explosive. Pakistan is weighed down by repeated power cuts. Its power distribution system is complex and suffers from chronic infrastructure problems. The sector is also faced with repeated defaults.