End of 2014, Yahoo became the default search engine in Firefox the US but Google has not said its last word!

The contract between Google and Firefox for the world’s most widely used search engine is the one installed by default in the browser, was completed in November last year and the firm in red panda did not wish to renew. Mozilla had decided that the default search engine is Yahoo . The consequences of this change have certainly benefited Yahoo, thus regaining some market share, but the injured in the story is Google, and it was quick to show their teeth!

Google chose Twitter to win back users
The Mountain View company has the resource and we suspected that it would use all means to recover the Firefox users, with rival parties. You can see on Twitter that Google has released a video explaining how to replace the default Google search engine in Firefox. US users will also find all the necessary information when they log on the home page of Google, to restore this default search engine in their Firefox browser.

The resumption of Yahoo in market share would, however, relative
In the US, the Mozilla browser is used by about 13% of the population, far behind Internet Explorer and Chrome so the impact on the loss of Mountain View firm’s market share is certainly minimal. The attack against Google could be longer considered a reaction of pride on his part, because it remains in any case, by far the most used search engine in the world.