Microsoft gave us a glimpse of the future with its incredible new holographic glasses. This is one impressive technology that was presented at the Windows event. What pushes the recent rise in virtual reality helmets even further with its augmented reality technology that combines the virtual world with the real world.

The device and its software, called “HoloLens” and “holographic Windows” look like virtual reality helmets already on the market. However, Microsoft is planning unit content in the physical world around you already 3D rather than put you in an entirely different virtual world. While Microsoft calls images 3D “holograms”, they are not visible if you are not wearing the headset.

It marks the entrance to the software developer in the IT holographic three-dimensional space. The wearer can walk around and interact with virtual objects without having to attach to a computer or phone. It does not even require a mouse or even a touch screen to control. It allows the user to create and shape holograms by simply using hand gestures. In addition, it enables the eyes and the voice of the user to navigate and interact with applications, respectively.

The microphones pick up voice commands

For example, in a presentation of the live sculpture, voice commands could be used to quickly copy a song or combine them. The device prototype was presented as a two-piece design, including headphones and a separate box called “holographic processing unit” to be worn around the neck. It must also be connected to a power outlet. Improvements are expected in future designs.

With the helmet, we expect that Microsoft acquires a strong position in space. Microsoft did not launch an impeccable history and many of its products have failed before they succeed. But the market is very different now and the helmet looks like a real innovation that could help the company exploits new opportunities for growth. HoloLens should be available this year with Windows 10 if all goes well. The company did not disclose any information on prices.