The CEO of the brand with Tim Cook Apple doubled his salary in 2014, to 9.2 million. Together, the six main leaders of the Cupertino company earned $ 150 million.

Apple’s numbers continue to soar, the salary of its leaders with. According to a document from the Cupertino company passed the US financial regulator , Tim Cook, the brand’s boss at the apple has doubled salary in 2014. It has grown from $ 4.2 million (€ 3.7 million) in 2013 to 9.2 (8.2 million euros according to the exchange rate in effect Monday, January 26 in the morning) in 2014. In detail his fixed salary was increased by a quarter to 1.75 million dollars (1.5 million euros). But his bonus increased sixfold to $ 6.7 million (€ 6 million).

The figure Apple’s business has grown from 7% in 2014
Tim Cook’s revenues in 2014 are far from reaching those of the new Vice-President responsible for the Apple Store, Angela Ahrendts. She gained 411,000 net wage, but add $ 70 million to (euro 62 million) of shares in the group. Apple CFO Luca Maestri was also better paid than his boss. It hit $ 14 million (€ 12.4 million). Ditto regarding Eddie Cue, vice president of operations, which received $ 24 million (€ 21 million) in 2014. In total, six senior Apple executives have earned $ 150 million (133 million euros) in 2014.