Two days after his lecture of 21 January, Microsoft offers to download a new version of the test (Technical Preview) of Windows 10 while we waited for the next week. This build 9926 is in French, it can be downloaded in ISO format. If it is not the ‘Consumer Preview’, this new version contains the main novelties announced by Microsoft at its meeting of 21 January. Two versions are available: 32 or 64 bits, they are to burn to a bootable DVD to perform an installation on a PC. The installation on a virtual machine is also possible. For many testers already have a version of Windows 10, the process is to go through the “PC Settings”, “Update and Recovery” and “Preview builds.”
This new pre-release contains the function named Continuum, which adapts the OS interface depending on the device configuration by detecting the presence of the keyboard and the mouse.

The Start menu is back will be displayed full screen. One can also try the new Action Center gathers speed features (Bluetooth, WiFi, brightness …) and notifications with which we can interact directly.

Cortana, the voice assistant that debuted on Windows Phone, is present in Windows 10, housed (yet?) In the left side of the taskbar. It will state commands to search for content on the computer (documents, files, photos …), dictate emails, play music … Its availability in French in this new build is to be confirmed.

Another novelty largely stale, is the arrival of the new browser called Spartan (read our article). As was shown the first stolen images, the interface is extremely simple, inspired by that Chrome and Firefox offer.

Finally, we find the new settings panels, new applications Photos and maps, the new version of the Windows Store, and Xbox application. By cons, it will have to wait to rub the new Office.

Recall that Windows 10 will be offered in free upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 for a year after its launch.