Vivaldi awaited the age of 35 to engage in the opera composition. Jon von Tetzchner The Norwegian Opera browser Co-founder, comes from Vivaldi launch a new browser, 21 years after his first attempt

This shift is the result of a disagreement between the team members Opera. “The browser we liked changed direction. Unfortunately, there is no longer serving its community of users and contributors who built the browser “say Vivaldi authors on their site.
For now, it is only a technical preview. But at first glance, it is clear that the tool is largely based flagship features of Opera.

The team, now 25 contributors working for a year and a half on the project, says TechCrunch . “We’re doing a browser to our friends” von Tetzchner provides to the website. “Vivaldi is for all those people who want more from their browser.” In fact, the tool is designed for heavy users of the Web, the browser provides the functions Tab Stacks or Speed ​​Dials. Stack tab that provides the grouping of tabs stacked traits. A preview function ensures therefore consultation tabs and stacked. Speed ​​Dials allows quick access to previously visited pages.

Another feature so users can be fond, a tool for taking notes and integrated screen capture of the browser interface. Customizable shortcuts, called Quick Commands must also support users demand more productivity.

The authors of the tool also announced work on a synchronization function and email.

This multitude of integrated features natively browser must use this software component with minimal extensions.
“We want to build a powerful browser with full features to minimize your extensions needs. They can influence browser performance and increase the risk of security. Nevertheless, we understand that you may want more, so support for extensions is planned, “we are assured on the Vivaldi site.

The versions of the software are for now available for Windows platforms, Mac OS X and Linux. Tablets and smartphones versions are planned. Chromium, a Google product, is the basis for software.