NIAMEY, Niger – For the first time, Boko Haram has carried out deadly attacks Friday in Niger against two towns on the border with Nigeria, even as the armies of the region are mobilizing against Nigerian Islamists.

The toll released by the Nigerian Minister of Defense Mahamadou Karidjo was heavy: 109 Islamists killed four soldiers and a civilian. Nigerian security forces also deplore 17 injured and two missing.

This Islamist offensive took place while Parliament should approve of Niger on Monday a commitment of troops to fight in Nigeria Boko Haram, alongside Chad and Cameroon hosts.

“Right now, calm has returned in the two localities. The situation is under control, “said Mr. Karidjo Friday night, adding that” sweeps “were” ongoing “.

According to the minister, the Nigerian armed group led two “simultaneous” attacks Bosso and Diffa, two cities in southern Niger distant a hundred miles and on the border with Nigeria.

In the village of Bosso, the Islamists managed to “infiltrate the city,” before being “neutralized” by the Nigerian troops, backed by the Chadian army, is it the same source.

Chadian troops in Niger have also come under fire Islamists: their commander, General Yahya Daoud was shot in Bosso, according to a security source Chad. He was evacuated to N’Djamena.


“It was like a chase through the city. As the fighting neared the houses could hear “Allah Akbar”, “a witness told AFP before leaving Bosso, as according to him all the inhabitants of this small town.

During the battle of the morning, the man, who said he saw “at least ten dead bodies,” said he heard “light heavy weapons sounds and weapons”, “often very close to our windows” some of which “have shaken our homes.”

In Diffa, the regional capital, Nigerian forces “blocked the advance of the attackers’ at a bridge and had” pushed by inflicting heavy losses on them, “said the Minister of Nigerian Defence.

Bosso, located northwest of Lake Chad, and Diffa are separated from Nigeria by a river, the Yobe River.

The contested bridge near Diffa is strategic because it connects the Niger, Nigeria. His control is essential for the transport of troops and vehicles of Chad and Niger armies.

Very criticized as ineffective in the fight against Boko Haram, the Nigerian army announced that bilateral discussions with the Chadian military took place Friday in Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria.

Niger should join Cameroon, engaged for several months in the region of the Far North infiltrated by insurgents, and Chad mobilized for two weeks.


Boko Haram “continues to despise the sacredness of human life”, condemned the US State Department, which says “increase its support” to the governments of the region in the form of “information sharing”.

In December, the Nigerian government announced “the biggest military operation ever mounted in Niger” in the Diffa area.

According to the governor of Diffa, Yacouba Soumana Gaoh, “nearly 3000” Nigerian soldiers are positioned in the context of this operation named “N’Ga” (“Shield”). The forces are present “every 10 or 15 km along the border with Nigeria.”

Taking the initiative, the Chadian army had recently deployed troops of both sides of Lake Chad.

In the south, they have joined forces in the Cameroonian Fotokol area in the Far North. They also bypassed the lake from the north to return to Niger, where they are for one week: first in Guigmi, a city near the border with Chad, then Bosso, where hundreds of vehicles and tanks arrived Monday.

The Chadian army on Tuesday launched a major ground offensive in Nigeria from Cameroon, taking the Islamists Nigerian border town of Gamboru after heavy fighting. Fotokol and Gamboru are about 200 km as the crow flies Bosso, south of Lake Chad.

But Boko Haram has carried out Wednesday against an attack to Fotokol particularly bloody: 81 civilians, 13 soldiers and six Chadian Cameroonian soldiers were killed in the attack, according to Yaounde.