The search for a vaccine against HIV is still very active in the world, but scientists are also working to develop solutions to quickly diagnose this terrible disease, which always made immense havoc.

Some of them seem to have developed a revolutionary method, they published their findings in the journal Science Translational Medicine this week.

They have introduced a technology to actually detect AIDS with a simple accessory contacting a Smartphone. The concept is: the instrument takes a drop of blood and analysis. The conclusions are transcribed on a dedicated application, which turns out to be easy to handle according to its designers.

On the one hand, this accessory would cost only thirty euros in manufacturing, it is incomparable with the financing of a traditional scanning system, valued at around 16 000.

On the other hand, the system is easy to transport because it is lightweight, it can increase the number of screening tests performed in a defined area.
The accessory was recently tested in Rwanda with 96 people on the occasion of a program to prevent the transmission of AIDS from mother to child.

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This is the first technology successfully mimic the mechanical, optical and electronic functions of a traditional analytical system operating in a laboratory.

Moreover, this ingenious solution also allows screening for syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection.