While caution remained up since the signing of agreements Minsk , peace seems more illusory, Friday, Feb. 13. Decided the cease-fire the day before between rebels and pro-Russian Ukrainian forces should enter into force at midnight on Saturday (23 pm, Paris ). But a few hours before the deadline fighting continues to rage in eastern Ukraine .

Respect for the text, supposed to put an end to ten months of deadly conflict, so is “in danger,” said the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. Taking advantage of a meeting with Prime Minister of Hungary , Viktor Orban, in Kiev, he accused the separatists to bomb the population . The head of state was referring to the attack rocket launcher in the city of Artemivsk, located more than thirty kilometers from the front line, which killed three people, including a child of 7 years.


The latest reports released by the rebels and loyalist forces dénombrent in total sixteen civilians and twelve dead among the Ukrainian military. “Unfortunately, after the Minsk agreements, the offensive operation Russia has increased significantly, “found Mr. Poroshenko.

“Ukraine expects a climbing and taking action to repel the attacks, “said Petro Mekhed for his part, Deputy Minister of Defence . And the latter to assert that the separatists were trying to take the city of Debaltseve and the strategic port of Mariupol, on the banks of the Sea of Azov.

In the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, the shelling was continuing Friday, according to testimony from journalists Agency France -Presse on site. The army Ukraine also reported on the evening of fights near the railway junction Debaltseve, halfway between the capitals of “republics” Donetsk and Luhansk.


Sign that the hypothesis of a failure Minsk 2 made ​​its way, Valeriy Chaly, deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, assured during a television show that “in case of failure of the cease-fire Ukraine will receive the assistance of the Military West. ”

For now, the leaders of the world’s seven largest economies (G7: Canada , France, Germany , Italy , Japan , UK , USA) called for “strict compliance” with the terms of the agreement and they were “ready to adopt” sanctions against those who violate them.
The spokesman for the US State Department, Jennifer Psaki, has, meanwhile, accused Moscow of continuing to deploy heavy weapons in the country, who were very concerned about “information about tanks and systems additional missiles in recent days came from the other side of the border. ”

The general view, the text signed in the Belarusian capital will not allow to establish peace in the region, because it does not provide for concrete mechanisms to resolve contentious issues, particularly the control of the border, 400 km are held by the rebels.