The Apple ID is in particular that used with the iTunes Store and can be created from this page . Now, it is enough to try it in the web browser iWork for iCloud or office applications Pages (word processing), Numbers (spreadsheet) and Keynote (presentation).

iCloudAlready with the Office Online applications or those of Google, the online office supply was not lacking for those which have no Apple device. But they now have even more choices, knowing that iWork for iCloud is currently in beta. Remember also that with iCloud, the free storage space is a bit stingy as 1 GB.

Why this sudden opening of Apple is not explained. was a suite iWork productivity pay before becoming free in the Mac App Store, and it is now the Web applications that are open to everyone.

Will you attend several surprises iCloud with other services that will lose their position vis-à-vis the firm material dependence apple? This seems unlikely a priori.

NB: During our tests, the iCloud service was uncooperative. After a first successful test, a server connection error was reported.