Pinterest is without doubt one of the best services is to organize its collections, or even to prepare his next vacation. Every day, thousands of content are shared on the platform and it has obviously evolved over recent months.

A quick tour through this page will confirm.

But now, according to sources of Re / code Pinterest would now intend to go further by launching a new button to purchase the products on the dashboards of its users.

A project in collaboration with Stripe

Be careful though because the project would still be under development. In all likelihood, it would have to wait several months to see land that famous button on our accounts.

Worse, the service could even opt for a phased deployment, and concentrate on a panel consisting of some users to start. In other words, we have to show us very patient.

Note however that would Pinterest approached Stripe to work on this project. If this name means nothing to you, know that it is a California box (inevitably) specializing in the payment online.

She works with a lot of companies, and even with some web giants like Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking of which, remember that Pinterest could also started to remove redirects some affiliate links shared on its platform. At least if one believes one of the latest articles published by VentureBeat. For now, the firm would have two networks especially in its sights – RewardStyle and Hello Society – but others might follow in time.