The piracy issue has really become very critical since the discovery of Edward Snowden hackers are becoming smarter and address all types of services either on the net that is outside of this. A study of Alcatel -Lucent the smartphones have been the target of hackers in 2014 where about 16 million smartphones were infected with malware during the year 2014.

16 million smartphones affected by malware in 2014

The smartphone has become an inseparable tool everyday human, no matter where they go, what they do, their smartphone to follow them everywhere. But since the success of these devices, hackers are turning more and more to them. If before computers were the malware targets, the study of Alcatel -Lucent, are the smartphones that interest them since last year. This is indeed the movable branch of the French multinational Alcatel Lucent has conducted a study on the vulnerability of smartphones. So they found that about 16 million smartphones have been affected by malware in 2014. This figure seems high but still represents only 0.68% of the functional smartphones currently in the world.

The Android devices are the most infected with malware

According to the study conducted by Alcatel-Lucent, the number smartphone infected with malware has increased by 25% compared to those of 2013. An increase which is not surprising given the large number of people using first smartphones but also due to the easy spread of the virus via unknown calls or via mobile applications that arise as vermin since the success of smartphones. It is the latter which is the most common because the applications are much in smartphones, they are the ones that allow the user to facilitate its tasks and everything. The study of Alcatel Lucent also allowed us to see that terminals running Android is more vulnerable to malware as they represent 50% of infected smartphones, otherwise BlackBerry and iPhones them represent only 1%. Android currently holds the majority of smartphones sold in the world where it is quite logical if hackers are turning more and more towards the Google OS for their espionage.