Messages, photos, videos , status: what happens it to your accounts on the networks after your death? If you are ever thoughtful, think about it: Facebook should soon you ask the question.

The network share the most used of the world announced Thursday, Feb. 12 a new feature that allows a user in his lifetime, to indicate clearly what needs to be done with his account after his disappearance.

Currently, when you die, your family or your loved ones may ask , death certificate in support, your profile Facebook becomes a commemoration profile. The features are then restricted but allow, including your friends, leave messages your memory. So far, the memorial account could not be changed.

An heir to his account

The new options of Facebook will indicate an “heir” for this type of account. This heir will therefore become the account administrator, giving him the opportunity, for example, change your profile picture, to accept friend requests that had not seen fit to make in your lifetime or post a message (the details of the funeral, for example).
It will also be possible to decide if this person has the right to download an archive of content you have published your life on Facebook, including pictures (private messages are not affected, since they involve two people). You can also change heir anytime, without necessarily do know the person concerned, through a notice that it has lost its pride of place. Facebook does not say, however, what happens if your heir dies before you.

The option of removing

It will also be possible to request the removal of the Facebook account, once your family or loved ones have informed Facebook that you are no longer of this world. If you do not leave instruction, the current procedure applies: nothing happens unless your family asks Facebook to transform Memorial your profile.
For now, this new feature is only available in the US but will be deployed in all countries where Facebook is present, with modifications based on the cultivation of the country. We imagine that the French system is very similar to that of the United States.