The brutality of the terrorist militia IS shocked the world. Maybe, but also Iraqi troops commit to the fight against IS serious crimes against civilians.

At least 3,000 local people were displaced in recent months in the western Iraqi province of Diyala, told the human rights organization “Human Rights Watch” (HRW). Many of their homes were burned or otherwise destroyed. The witnesses also reported shots and kidnappings.

Also on executions there were indications of the end of January disappeared 72 people from the village Barwana. HRW currently investigating whether they were victims of a mass execution.
In the civilians are loud HRW to Sunni Iraqis. The Diyala region was overrun in June of IS-fighters. Since then, fighting Iraqi soldiers and voluntary militia against the jihadists. When the militia is all about Shiites. “The Iraqi civilians are only beaten by the IS, and later again by the pro-government militias reconquer the region,” said Joe Stork, HRW Middle East envoy.