It is a gigantic raid: The Cyber ​​Gang “Carbanak” is said to have stolen 100 banks by one billion dollars worldwide. Even German financial institutions are involved in the IT security company Kaspersky according to.

An international hacker group has apparently stolen a billion dollars from 100 banks in 30 countries. As the Russian IT-security company Kaspersky Lab has announced that cyber criminals from Russia, Ukraine, Europe and China are said to have stolen over the past two years the money. Together with Interpol and Europol had been discovered the attacks. The attacks lasted even – and also aimed to Germany.

The so-called “Carbanak” -speed have gained access to the computers of bank employees and infected with a malicious program. In this way, the hackers had penetrated into the internal network and have control over the acquired video surveillance: You could, according to Kaspersky everything happening on the screens of staff, view and record. Later they had imitated the activities of employees to transfer money or pay cash.

Up to ten million US dollars cyber thieves should have mastered each raid. For a raid – from the infection of the first computer in the corporate network to the actual theft – perpetrators would have between two and four months required. “The operation marks the beginning of a new phase in the development of cyber crime in the money directly from banks, is stolen instead of home users,” says Kaspersky.