For nine years, the platform is already owned by Google. But it was developed by three former PayPal employees.

With a video at the zoo in San Diego all started. , On 14 February 2005. On display ten years ago, is in the video Jawed Karim and it is the first video that was uploaded to YouTube. Karim has developed together with two friends the platform. Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen were work colleagues and got to know at PayPal. How did the idea to date could never be fully understood.

YouTube was a success from the start. Only 19 months after its foundation, the platform had over 70 million hits daily. The video quality was not very professional at this time and also the sound was usually difficult or impossible to understand.

Nevertheless, the platform called many interested in the plan. Among other things, the current owners: Google. The time mainly known as a search engine company paid in 2006, just one year after the founding of the platform, more than 1.65 billion for YouTube.

Despite the takeover changed the design of the website for the time being nothing. Meanwhile, the platform over a billion registered users.